Wer ist dabei 2017

Zac Greene 2017

Zac ist Abenteurer, Handstandsüchtiger und Musikliebhaber. In seiner Yogapraxis ist er immer auf der Suche nach Balance zwischen Herausforderung und Hingabe, Sicherheit und Risikofreude. Das Spielen darf nie zu kurz kommen. Mit Leichtigkeit und Freude begleitet er Menschen auf ihrer yogischen Reise. Nicht zuletzt um selbst zu lernen.

„The return of the sun”
Workshop/ Vinyasa Yoga/ all levels/ in English/ Freitag

The soft orange glow cracks over the horizon.  Its warmth extends in every direction. Hands raised high, hearts extended outwards as if to embrace an old friend. The festival is here. Building excitement and joy, our movements become quicker as we cultivate an open heart and adventurous spirit. With the return of the sun, this high powered, dynamic and creative flow class will bring us together, set the mood, and get the celebration started.

“Inverted Dreams”
Workshop/ Vinyasa Yoga/ all levels/ in English/ Samstag

Floating, ethereal, Flowing weightlessly, as if in a dreamlike state. The struggles of the world inverted. New perspective informs the mind; we learn to see through our other eye with hearts lifted and bodies inverted. This class will cover the basics of a number of common and uncommon inversions. We’ll integrate this worldview into a full practice as we flow and invert. Together, we can learn to view the world, ourselves, from a different light together through compassion.

“A Playful Peace”
Workshop/ Vinyasa Yoga/ all levels/ in English/ Sonntag

Our practice, the most serious of events. We arrive with the weight of our intentions, pulled back by our unmet expectations. What if we allowed our time to practice as a time to play. Its gravity does not demand rigidity. To approach our practice, meditation, internal peace with an eagerness to experience the unexpected, to let new intentions arise, to celebrate the journey, and the companions along the way. This rowdy and lively vinyasa class will challenge us to laugh at the hardest moments and find calm amidst the storms of our lives. To play, open to explore, the peace we find has been there all along.  A playful peace, at last.